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We offer professional services, competitive rates and dependable repairs, specializing in commercial refrigeration, commercial kitchens, convenience stores, food processing, ice machines, cold storage warehouses, walk-in coolers and freezers, restaurants, multivac, commercial mixers, bowl choppers, stuffers and smokehouses. We're family owned and operated with over 40 years of experience serving the St. Louis area. "Call Us" at (314) 954-9202, Email:

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We Service Control Systems

         Protecting Perishables

At Brenco Air we offer product and service solutions for protecting perishable products. Our support systems can be as small as one temperature alarm or as complex as total remote control, 1 stand alone system or thousands communicating together worldwide.

What sets Brenco apart is the ability to design specialized systems including controls, maintenance, emergency storage and service programs. Our focus is to monitor, control and protect products while employing rigid maintenance and service programs, back-up cold storage, low cost replacement parts and detailed record keeping of the products storage history.

The benefits are cost effective, improving profits while reducing losses in both products and equipment, maintaining product quality, recorded storage compliance reports and most importantly the trust and satisfaction of the end user of the products.

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Refrigeration Services, Factory OEM Parts, Fast Delivery, Expert Installation, Authorized warranty parts and repair center for most major equipment brands. Specializing in Refrigeration, Commercial kitchens, Food Processing, Cold Storage, Temperature, Humidity and System Controls

Commercial Kitchen

Factory OEM Parts, Fast Delivery, Expert Installation, Authorized Warranty Parts and Repair Center for Most Major Equipment Brands